Dina Moffitt

   I'm a people person.  Connecting with people, forming relationships and providing great service is the essence of who I am.  As a graduate of the highly respected School of  Hospitality Business at Michigan State University, Go Spartans!, my entire career has been taking me to where I am today.  Having grown up outside of Manhattan, before heading south, my styles evolved into a blend of city sophisticated and country playful with nature and colors leading the way. 

After leaving Florida about 15 years ago I landed in Asheville and decided to open my very own boutique gift store - The Briar Patch.  What a wonderful experience.  The store allowed me to quench my creative yearnings while establishing a reputation for excellent customer service and client rapport.  That reputation, built upon authenticity and trust, enabled my customers to rely on me to choose the gifts for their special occasions and they were never disappointed!  Sadly, after 4 years, I closed my store as my focus moved towards raising my two sons.   

In 2008, I was hired as the Gift Buyer/Manager for B.B. Barns, a local nursery that wanted to grow their gift department.  Although a slight departure from having my own store, this was a fun venture and many of my previous customers followed me.  I was able to continue my relationships which was very satisfying also while being able to spend more time with my boys.  When my sons went out on their own, my entrepreneurial spirit returned, so in April of 2014 I reopened the Briar Patch, with a collection of my favorite items. It was fun to have the flexibility to use my creativity, creating a space that truly reflected my style. It was gratifying to hear how much people had missed the Briar Patch and how happy they were that I reopened. It was an intimate, upscale environment and was very personally fulfilling.

Recently, I found myself faced with having to relocate.  Instead of opening another store, I have enthusiastically joined Carolina Traditions.  It’s a natural fit as I have personally carried several of their lines, the very lines I will now represent.  What a blessing!  I’m very excited about this new chapter and I look forward to creating new relationships and helping everyone's business thrive.