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Allspice Pumpkin Custard(Rust) – A perfect blend of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, pumpkin and vanilla custard give this a rich and delicious dessert blend!

Apples & Spice (Red) – A perfect blend of cinnamon and apple, a more mild version of Our Apple Cider!

Birthday Cake (Ivory) – Cream and vanilla combine to make a delicious rich dessert fragrance!

Bourbon Maple Sugar* (Brown) – a mild bourbon note blends with a rich aroma of brown sugar and maple!

Buttercream Vanilla (Ivory) – A more custard vanilla, rich creamy notes are sure to please!

Butterscotch Brandy (Gold)Mild hints of brandy and caramel mix with delicious throw of butterscotch will have your guests asking where the candy jar is!

Cafe Au Lait (Mocha) – A delicious coffee and cream fragrance is sure to have people asking for a cup!

Candied Citrus Peel(Ivory) - NEW A twist on a vintage favorite! Sweet notes of caramelized vanilla meet a refreshing throw of orange and lemon zest for this seasonal favorite sure to please all! 

Cherry Almond Buttercream (Red) - Dark, sweet cherries, roasted Italian almonds and whipped fresh buttercream are layered with hints of black plum and mandarin - warm and juicy yet smooth!

Christmas Morning Coffee(Red) - NEW But first, coffee! That’s right, if you like roasted espresso you’ll LOVE THIS! Dark roasted coffee pairs beautifully with peppermint essential oils to create a cappuccino you’ll be begging a barista to make! 

Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte* (Tan) – Cinnamon, cream, light hazelnut and a mild coffee make this a barista favorite!

Citrus & Sage* (Moss Green) – An upfront Sage note followed by a blend of citrus that is certain to be enjoyed!

Cranberry Apple Crisp* (Ruby) – Rich cranberry, fresh apple cider, and mild cinnamon make this a customer favorite!

Crisp Cotton* (White) – Fresh air blended with clean linen; a year round customer favorite!

Dutch Apple Pie (Ivory) – Hot out of the oven, cinnamon, butter, fresh apple, will have your guests asking for seconds!

Farmer's Market (Moss) - A cornucopia for the senses - earthy wood notes, green leaves, summer citrus and bamboo all combine together to replicate a fresh, local market with hints of wild grass as an undertone. Fresh, light and layered!

Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree (Evergreen) – A seasonal favorite year after year! Take a trip back to your childhood of heading to town, ice skating, christmas lights, and the beautiful pine smell of picking out your perfect tree!

Frosted Cranberry and Sugared Vanilla (Wine) – Back by popular demand! Tart, ripe New England Cranberries and Spiced Christmas Wine are blended with Cotton Candy, Vanilla Buttercream and a hint of Toasted Marshmallow for sweet yet deep and intense berry notes. Festive and bright - perfect for a holiday get together!

Ginger Spice & Smoked Maple (Ivory) -NEW Whether it’s gingerbread houses, or ginger snaps, ginger spice is a Holiday staple. Combined with smoky undertones of or sweet maple syrup, join us on a trip down memory lane with this soon to be a holiday favorite. 

Gingerbread* (Dark Brown) – Our flagship fragrance, year round best seller, pure gingerbread surely to remind you of morning baking!

Golden Mimosa (Blush) - Bold throws of orange, grapefruit and citrus blended with a hint of champagne will have you daydreaming about Sunday brunch all week!

Golden Myrrh (Gold) - NEW A centuries old fragrance with tales of medicinal purposes- Myrrh has become increasingly popular in the beauty and air care industry. Often considered an incense, this fragrance must be smelled to fully enjoy! 

Harvest Spice (Gold) – A seasonal favorite- a pure cinnamon blend of cinnamon stick and clove bud; a rich and high throw make this a perfect fall scent!

Hazelnut (Tan) – The throw of pure hazelnuts will have you wanting to add this to your coffee- but please- don’t.

Home For the Holidays (Red) – Flights have landed, your bags are unpacked- and the family is home- baking and all is right again! Tones of apple, citrus, cinnamon and clove; a woodsy blend for a vibrant throw of seasonal baking and warm apple cider by the fire!

Honey Soaked Apples* (Gold) – Pure, Crisp and Refreshing. A mild honey note with a pure crisp apple body for a high throw.

Ivy & Pear (Sage Green) - Ripe, crisp Anjou pear blended with green, leafy notes and a touch of Agave Nectar combine for a lovely and light fruit blend - this is the perfect pear!

Lavender & Lemongrass* (Lavender) – A lovely spring fragrance with a potpourri twist if lavender and citrus notes.

Leather (Medium Brown) – A pure natural leather, sure to impress and be enjoyed!

Luscious Lemon Vanilla (Pale Yellow) – Rich and creamy vanilla with pure fresh lemon will have your friends wondering where the cookies are!

Magnolia Mist (White) - Just like the trees in your front yard, this scent is sure to please any botanist and floral lover! 

Mango and Peach Slices (Peach) – Fresh juicy peaches meet sweet mangos for the delightful fruity fragrance sure to please all!

Maple Caramel Swirl (Caramel) – A delicious blend of rich caramel and fresh maple syrup!

Midnight Cedre(Ivory) - NEW The noble Atlas Cedar tree and its fragrant wood; form the heart of the scent. While musk is the body of this fragrance the rich cedar tones provided a woodsy undertone 

Mountain Berry Parfait (Indigo) - Wild blueberries, red raspberries, peach and strawberry fuse together with fresh coconut, condensed milk, orange zest and sweet cream for a bright and buttery berry confection!

Mulberry & Mandarin (Wine) – Pure mulberry jam with a nice mandarin orange zest makes this a fruit fragrance all will enjoy!

Olive Verbena (Light Green) - Notes of citrus and lime meet you first with a soft verbena flower body!

Peppermint Twist (Ivory) – If you're a fan of those green wrapper- after dinner mints- then look no further! Rich peppermint, mild chocolate tones, and creamy white chocolate make this a time-and-time again- favorite!

Petals of Paradise* (White) – A floral blend of potpourri and perfume is a year round favorite.

Pine Moss and Thyme (Sage Green) - NEW TSoft notes of pine, paired with notes of garden fresh thyme give this fragrance a rich aroma perfect for any time. Oops!-We didn’t mean to rhyme. 

Pumpkin Caramel Drizzle (Rust) – A rich blend of sugary caramel, chocolate drizzle and pumpkin pie will have you asking for seconds; or at least thinking about it!

Pumpkin Vanilla* (Rust) – Our year round pumpkin fragrance! Earthy, refreshing and perfect for any season!

Red Currant* (Wine) – A high potpourri smell or roses and floral note, surely to fill any room!

Roasted Espresso* (Brown) – Our all-time best selling fragrance! Pure espresso, a heavy rich coffee throw!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Rust) – Cinnamon and nutmeg, sugary and sweet, the caramelized goodness of fresh- oven roasted- pumpkin seeds are definitely going to have you wanting more!

Rum Raisin Glaze (Ivory) - NEW A full body cinnamon fragrance with rum soaked raisin undertones combine with sweet caramel and rich brown sugar will have you asking where the nearest bakery is! 

Salted Caramel Popcorn (Tan) – Fresh from the county fair, salty and sweet, caramelly goodness!

Silver Spruce and Cedar Tips (Evergeen) – Fresh-cut pine, fir and balsam and snow-laced cedar make a lovely blend to bring a bit of the outdoors in for the Holiday season. Cedar and other wood notes soften the spruce and pine just enough to evoke memories of walking through a snow-laden winter forest. Clear, fresh, green and woodsy - perfect for the Holidays!

Snickerdoodle (Dark Cream) – Your friends will wonder where the cookies are! Cinnamon, butter and sugar make this irresistible!

Snowflakes at Midnight(White) – A cold winters eve, snowflakes fill the air; experience the relaxing sensation of a wonderful blend of vanilla, oak, and notes of amber musk.

Southern Sweet Potatoe Pie (Rust) - NEW Save room for this one- notes of caramel and vanilla marshmallow combine with undertones of pumpkin pie; hints of sweet orange essential oil and a buttery crust create this unique twist on a classic favorite! 

Southern Sweet Tea* (Ivory) – Rich black tea leaves, sugar cane, and light lemon notes make this a delicious treat!

Spiked Hummingbird Cake (Ivory) - NEW A southern favorite whose fragrance is as unique as its name! Fluffy marshmallow, blends with fig and cinnamon, hints of lemon zest, and our personal twist - rum! If you didn’t get your dessert already- give this a try! 

Spiced Orange & Cinnamon* (Med. Orange) – Cinnamon, Crushed oranges and some notes of nutmeg and all spice, this is a perfect citrus fragrance!

Spicy Cinnamon Hot Toddy (Red) - A new twist on an old favorite - the traditional Hot Toddy is updated with notes of Butterscotch Brandy and Sweet Orange Peel. Hints of Maple Pumpkin, Coconut and Cinnamon Leaf add to the warm, spicy yet creamy notes of this amazing fragrance. Your drunk aunt was right - this Hot Toddy is the cure all for everything!

Sugar Plum Merlot (Plum) - NEW A From the vineyards of France brings us a rich full body Merlot, with delicious grape notes, traces of oak barrels and hints of rowan berries bring this fragrance journey full circle for a throw all will enjoy. 

Summer Rain* (Light Blue) – Crisp morning dew, with a light earthy tone, this is a perfect summer fragrance!

Sunday Morning Brunch (Peach) - NEW Brunch without mimosas?- give this a try! Tart notes of lemon meet sweet blueberry puree- light, refreshing and delicious- you’ll be asking for extra beignets to finish this off! 

Thai Pear* (Moss Green) – Fresh and crisp, a pure pear fragrance with earthy notes on the back end.

Valencia Orange & Grapefruit (Soft Orange) - A pure citrus explosion! Orange and grapefruit notes combine to be a pure citrus fragrance all will enjoy.

Vanilla Pound Cake* (Ivory) – One of our year round best sellers, a pure pound cake, with rich vanilla, and a soft baked tone will have you running to the oven!

Warm Cinnamon Buns* (Brown) – You don’t need the fair for sticky buns! A high throw of cinnamon with a mild buttery cake throw will have you waiting for more!

Whiskey & Sweet Tobacco (Amber) – A pure tobacco leaf and crisp whiskey will have you thinking of cool summer evenings.

White Peach & Clove (White) - Rich and high throws of peach and a mild clove note is definitely one of our new favorites.

White Santal(White) - NEW A modern world classic, this blend of essential oils and White Santal carries notes of sandalwood, mild floral notes with a smoky undertone.Perfect for a night after a rainstorm-mysterious and musky, or a sunny day out- bright and sensual- this fragrance will suit them all. 



"Swan Creek is such a fabulous asset to my shop!  My customers rave about the scents and say that they don't even have to burn the candles for a while - they just remove the cover and enjoy!  Definitely a best seller for us!"

Pam - Owner
Cattail Cottage
Southport, NC


Salt Marsh Cottage

Swansboro, NC